It’s really real….

So hubby and I went to have an ultrasound yesterday. Well, I did. He just watched! Miracle of all miracles, there it was. Our baby on the screen. At least that’s what the tech said it was. I just saw a fuzzy blob…. with a blinking spot that she said was the heart. It was the most beautiful gray blinking blob I ever did see. Everything measured right on target and heartrate was perfectly within range.

I always imagined this would be some dramaticly emotional moment for us, but it wasn’t. We just kept our eyes glued to the screen. Not sure what hubby was thinking, but I was a swirl of all sorts of emotions: disbelief, belief, joy, amazement, wonder, happiness, worry, anxiety, all rolled into a plastered grin. We are happy to report one healthily devoloping embryo. We are finally, finally, opening the next chapter in our happily ever after…


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