3 wishes…

Usually dropping off my son at daycare/preschool is not a pleasant thing. My son loves preschool, but prefers to stay with me. All the time. He gets very sad when i drop him off, as though it’s punishment, and i simply don’t want him. Which, of course, isn’t the case at all. We’ve talked many many times about why it’s important for him to go to school and for mommy to go to work.

So, this morning on the way to school I tried my best, once again, to have a fun light-hearted conversation and laugh a bit. Hoping that would help ease the pain of the drop-off. When I slowed down for a stop sign, his backpack tumbled off the front seat and onto the floor. I laughed and said that his backpack was so excited to go to school it was trying to get there ahead of us. My son laughed and laughed. And added that maybe his backpack thought the floor mat was a magic rug and would get there fast.

So, we talked about genies and magic carpets and wishes. I asked my son if he met a genie in real life, what would his 3 wishes be. Without hesitation, he said his first wish would be for his daddy to not be mean. His second wish was that Lizzie girl would come back to life. And he had to think hard about a third wish, and couldn’t come up with anything.

My heart stopped after the first wish. It makes me SO SAD that my son is afraid of his dad. And that he’s mean all the time. To the point where he makes a wish about it. My son is so sweet. And loving. And it breaks my heart that his life is the way it is. I want nothing more than for him to be happy and healthy and have a wonderful childhood. I make such a huge effort to create a happy life for him. A happy home. Lots and lots of affection. Being present. Listening. Having lots of friends and family around on a regular basis. Making sure everyday that he knows he’s special. And loved. Loved so very very much.

I wish that his dad made an effort to create that life for our son as well.

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