new wheels

There’s a lot of catching up i need to do. Let’s start with the exciting stuff!! About 2 or so weeks ago, hubby dragged me to the car dealer. I’ll come right out and admit that i hate shopping for vehicles. Even more so i hate spending money. Especially money i don’t really have in the first place. However, because i strive to be the obedient wife, i spent the better half of my Saturday driving around and drooling.

Occasionally, hubby gets a bug up his ass and decides that we need to replace a truck or whatever. He’ll go through all the trouble of getting an appraisal, talking to different dealers, researching who makes the toughest, meanest, most reliable tonka truck, and then nothing ever happens. One night we were out with our friends and he announces that i need a vehicle and he’s going shopping this weekend. Remember that i turned in my lease last June and have been driving whatever has been available at our house.

I protested his idea, for all the reasons above, but he persisted. So, off we go. In my mind, there was absolutely no way we were purchasing anything. I was just a passenger in his quest. Well, wasn’t i surprised (and excited) come Saturday night! We pulled into the car dealer and the local radio station has a van parked there doing a promotion. Upon closer investigation, we discovered that the dealership was having a huge blowout sale on their used vehicles. Hmmmmmm……… Hubby had a new car in mind, i wanted to spend as little as possible. I convinced him to “just drive through” and see what they had in the used car section. We came across an SUV that i was really impressed with and took it for a test drive. I thought to myself, well, this is affordable. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it will do. Apparently hubby wasn’t really impressed because after the test drive he headed to the new car section. After finding a few we liked, talked to the salesman and discovered that they were out of our price range. Let’s just drive through the used section again, i said. See if we missed something.

So, we drive through again, and there it sat. The perfect SUV. It was beautiful. I think there was even a ray of sunshine glimmering of the chrome like those crazy special effects. He stopped and i jumped out to investigate. It was perfect. Not too many miles, a few years old, leather seats, every option you could think of. And with the blowout deal, it was in my price range. Thinking it was too good to be true, we went back to talk to the salesman. It was definately available would you like to take it for a test drive? Would I?!!?!??! We jumped in and took it around the block. The V8 purred like a kitten. It was a perfect fit. I was in love.

We had to work some magic to get the financing, but it’s ours. In just 5 years, i will have a vehicle with no payments. It will be mine. I won’t have to turn it in and walk away. It’s all mine! I can leave my sunglasses inside without fear of driving a different vehicle the next day. I’m so happy!!